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Erased: the story of Canelo & Cha-Cha MITN#1

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Coming next will be a photo of my dog, Canelo – Actually dog-by-default. They got him next door, at my nephew’s house for his cousin’s birthday, but the puppy was so cute they saved him.
Photo: Canelo as a baby. {still looking for it}

He wasn’t allowed in their house and lived outside in his igloo in the garage for a while- maybe a year? And then he made his move. He barked a lot, especially at 5:30 AM, and eventually so pissed off anyone nearby that he was able to worm his way into my house.
Where he now sleeps on my bed, curled up next to me – unless he decides to take a brief visit outside, then the outside door is open and a lot of cold air comes in.

Here he is on the fouton in front of his portrait by Margaret von Biesen. He’s playing with a ball I got in a fancy seaside hotel when I went to hang out with my old University roommate, Jane. It is a sort of beanbag with a leather skin, and he loves it. He is one lucky dog. I think of him as my step-dog.

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May 4, 2008 at 7:14 pm

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