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MITN #8? Scorched Earth

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At first we were di-oriented. Where was the ancient carob tree, rotten to the core, about to fall on somebody, threateningly over the sidewalk, and marked the spot?



As was the old Spanish style house where they had lived 60 years, ever since the end of WWI, locked in a death struggle as to see who could last longer, and end up with the money.

Finally he died at 104, and she a few years later, over 90.

Gone, obliterated, the hi-fi that was home to the 5 inch cockroaches, and the fetid drapes and little carpets where she hid the checks and cupons and cash, gone the hanging cords for the light bulbs and the smelley refrigerator, greasy light, the residue of anger.

Canelo and I passed by one Sunday when the new fence was open, and the lone contractor let us in. Now there was a minimansion.

I wondered if I as mistaken, this could not really be the spot. I checked, but there was a huge stub of an old tree in front.


Now we bounced on the floorboards into a big space with a cathedral ceiling, stretching almost over the entire lot.

Gone the ancient scraggly fruit trees and lawn. Small lap pool. How did they ever get a building permit to expand the footprint? Well, said the contractor, where money talks, they come.

Still, I was glad to see that old stuff gone. It was odious. Good luck for the next go-round.



Now you can see for yourself:


April 2017. They even removed the stump. Total scorched earth.


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April 25, 2017 at 5:25 pm

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