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MITN # 12 Three Bads

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Every neighborhood has one or two. You feel it when you walk the topography of the hills and shades. They’re part of the landscape so it would be wrong not to include them.

THE MAYOR’S HOUSE (or maybe he was just an Alderman)

The Mayor once lived here, some sort of a Robber Baron come-lately to LA.

Oysters, silk stockings, big deals: I guess he wanted a house on the hill.



I carry a stick when we walk by here. Once I saw two very old guys emptying wine bottles in the trash in front. We have a coyote who is said to live in the bushes. Other dog-walkers have warned me.

Lately someone told me this isn’t it’s only home, it also uses an empty old garage nearby. A Country home and a City home all on the same block. And a stream nearby.





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March 6, 2017 at 7:06 pm

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