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Gloria Swanson House (Meaning in the Neighborhood 8)

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This is her real house. The one she bought after she made a fortune in her comeback as the creepy fading movie star in “Sunset Boulevard.”

It was the first house on my many walks to beckon.

What dark secrets hid behind the windows behind the trees?



Originally it was more the mood of the place, not the story.

But I never got a good shot, the majik was there sometimes, but only if I was without camera. It was the perpetual lesson to live in the moment. Just enjoy it while you can, walking your dog in the sunshine, flowers, trees, clouds.

But then, lo. When I thought the weather was finally right to get my shot of the brook heart, and had my camera, there was Gloria in fully Gloria.


Over time it weathered as it passed over two generations. Still the neglected moment called up the glamour and dark myth that is Hollywood, granted from the safer perspective of walking the dog.

Now that I look back on it, I see that it was undergoing a subtle change. First the arc was cut off the eucalyptus tree.  Then the cast behind the windows was different and I no longer saw the old 70’s faded turquoise car in the driveway.



Next the trees got cut back again. The light got even brighter.


Today Canelo and I walked by. The house stood out in the light, clean, orderly.

A BMW in the driveway.

It was over.

Gloria was gone.



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October 29, 2015 at 6:29 pm

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